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Reflexology is a natural healing art based on the principle of identifying and applying acupressure to specific reflex points in the feet, hands and ears, and the integral referral areas which corresponds to every part, organ, and gland of the bodies.  This alternative medicine integrates the practice of applying specific pressure to meridian points of the body with the goal of encouraging beneficial effects on related areas of the body or to try to improve general health. The acupressure applied to the feet may send signals that “balance the nervous system or release chemicals such as endorphins that reduces stress and pain

What are the benefits of reflexology?

  • Reflexology relieves tension
  • Reduction in back and neck tension
  • Promotion of good sleeping habits
  • Improved digestion
  • Rebalancing of hormones
  • Promotion of fertility
  • Reduced stress
  • Deep relaxation
  • Pain management
  • Improved circulation
  • Increased oxygen and nutrient supply
  • Detoxification
  • Increased sense of well being and vitality
  • Relief from PMS
  • Improve Diabetic circulation
  • Allergy relief
  • Relief from symptoms (including arthritis, gout, plantar fasciitis, neuromas, and more)

How many treatments do I need?

For maintenance of health, treatments are recommended once or twice per month (more if desired).  For more serious health problems or deep stress, treatments can be done much more frequently.

How long does a reflexology or foot massage session last?

Regular treatments last approximately one hour in our Huntington Beach Foot Massage center.  More time can be added to your session with a minimal fee per minute.

What can I expect from your relexology and foot massage service?

  • Each session starts with a detoxifying herbal foot soak.
  • While your feet are soaking, the massage therapist will perform extensive upper body massage, covering your head, neck, shoulders, ears, and more.
  • Then you will lie on your back onto a comfortable massage chair that easily folds down into a full massage table, with your shoes and socks removed. Shorts or sweat pants are recommended.  The setting should be peaceful. The reflexology practitioner will take a case history of past and present health and current lifestyle.
  • The massage therapist will continue to deliver a truly relaxing reflexology massage to your feet, legs, and arms.  Then you will lie face down while a deeply relaxing back massage is performed.
  • Once the massage session is completed, it is recommended that you not get up right away.  Lay back, relax and get up when you are ready.  It is recommended that you drink plenty of water the rest of the day. You have a choice of complimentary herbal teas to choose from.

What are the effects of reflexology treatment?

The person being treated will experience a variety of sensations as different areas of the feet and hands are worked on. Any feeling of pain or discomfort when a “congested” area is being treated is usually brief and soon goes, leaving a feeling of release that can often be felt almost at once. Most people report a feeling of lightness and relaxation, with renewed energy, immediately after a session of treatment.

After their first treatment, our clients have expressed to us, “that was awesome, we’ll be back!

Let Divine Foot Spa help bring “relief to your tired soles”, book a foot massage appointment with Divine Foot Spa today.

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