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Choice of Foot Reflexology Therapies:

Ultimate Relief for the Tired

Ultimate healing and relaxation for exhausted souls. Applying acupressure, physical pressure and manual manipulation at pressure points and energy meridians throughout the body to rebalance the body and target relief for certain symptoms. Lavender Lotion OR Unscented Lotion

The 9-5 Stress Buster

For those who spend long hours on the computer or experience high levels of stress. Applying pressure to relieve anxiety, relax muscles, release tension, and relieve stress and soreness to the body, specifically focusing on the stressed musculoskeletal areas—relieving carpal tunnel symptoms. Peppermint Essence Lotion OR Unscented Lotion

The Sportsman Recovery

Combining different types of natural healing massages and pressure manipulation to target the specific needs of athletes. This alternative medicine therapy can reach deep into the muscular tissue to promote circulation, release tension, soreness, enhance performance, and improve healing of injury. Perfect soothing massage for sports enthusiasts. Peppermint Essence Lotion OR Unscented Lotion

Tension Zone Treatment

Acupressure therapy to target the meridian points on the body that triggers tension. Combining pressure point therapy with deep tissue foot-shiatsu massage to manipulate the flow of “energy” throughout the body. Applying focus pressure to points of restriction and tension, including massage of the feet, legs, arm, shoulders, head, and back. Lavender Lotion OR Unscented Lotion

Revitalize the Savvy Shopper

Give your legs a treat. Soothe them with an intensive foot massage, focusing on the feet, legs and special attention to the back and shoulders after toting shopping bags. An way to stimulate blood flow, balance your “energy” level, and relieve your tired feet. Lavender Lotion OR Unscented Lotion

The Traveler’s Revival

Start your trip with a head to toe circulation boost. The perfect treatment to overcome jet lag and to relieve stiffness, aches and pains. A gentle and soothing massage bringing together elements of deep tissue massage and reflexology. Designed to strengthen the body’s vital energy and leave you with a renewed spirit. Highly recommended after a long flight. Lavender Lotion OR Unscented Lotion

With Choice of Complimentary Premium Herbal Teas:

Jasmine, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Organic White Tea, Ginger Honey Tea





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